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Posted on: May 1, 2019

Keep It Neat...

Township Road Fall CP

Chapter 72 Section 11 of Township Code prohibits soil, stones, building materials, debris or any material of any kind to be placed, dropped or deposited on any road.  Clean roads not only give the Township an overall clean appearance, but prevent physical damage to pavements and minimize the burden on the stormwater drains.

When it rains debris washes down the roads, often clumping in the gutters or at the opening of the storm inlets, causing the water to pond in the roadway.  Blockage in the storm drains also leads to costly repairs and cleaning.

In addition, stormwater drains empty directly into nearby surface waters without treatment or filtering.  During rainfall, grass clippings, leaves, lawn fertilizer and debris left on our roads are washed into our storm sewers and can contaminate our creeks and rivers by releasing carbon and nitrogen that feed algae.  

How can you dispose of leaves and yard waste properly?

  • Vogel Disposal Service green-top yard waste container.  If you do not have one call Vogel at 724-625-1511 and a yard waste container will be delivered for a one-time fee of $10.  Biodegradable bags may be used for yard waste that does not fit in the cart at no additional charge.  A list of accepted yard waste is found on the Township website: 
  • Compost your leaves on your own property.  In mowing season, leave grass clippings on your lawn to act as fertilizer.
  • Hire a yard service that properly disposes of leaves.

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